I think therefore I am…

Artetic by Guilhem Ribart

Are graffiti artists the last true contemporary artists?

I like how graffiti can be full of imagination! People who draw them are, in my mind, the true contemporary artists. They don’t spend hours to think about their next artwork and they don’t talk hours to try to explain their performance.

For me, most of the « contemporary » artworks I see just seem mindless and if the artist don’t tell what he tried to do, it’s just incomprehensible. And when you need to explain what you did, it’s not art anymore to me.

Graffiti in the street of new town in Johannesburg

A graffiti full of meaning in the streets of Johannesburg

Look at this chimpanzee, he’s exactly like Hamlet wondering « To be or not to be, that’s the question »! Is this possible that this chimpanzee realized his condition as an animal?

If yes, it means he has a conscious and an intelligence of his own…

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